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What Is The Singing Transformation Course?

This course was born from a series of Youtube videos that saw me transforming volunteers’ singing in ONE HOUR of lesson.

It soon dawned on me that the instructions that I gave during these #SingingTransformation video recordings needed to be put into a course so that more people can save time and money and get to their vocal freedom faster.

If you are here, let me guess….


  • You’re sick of learning singing through trial & error by yourself …. and you want to stop wasting time and feeling frustrated with your vocal obstacles.
  • You got some headways on your own but when you start recording your own singing…. you wonder WHY you don’t sound as good as what you hear in your head!
  • You have taken singing lessons before but still struggle with high notes and belting
  • You can no longer deny that you really want to sing well and you want to master it through a system that will bring you results.

Welcome to the right spot of the Universe
to get a fast track to
transform your singing

Why Is This Online Course A Shortcut Instead?

Yes, I know that people always think that having singing lessons face to face is more effective…. until Covid-19 came along and massively changed how many people think. 

The many PROS to owning a good online singing course: 

  • They actually work – There is very little difference between me explaining to you the concepts of singing face to face and through an online course (you get to smell me when we’re face to face, but really, nobody wants to do that except my dog Buddy). I will show both the negative and positive demonstrations for every technique, and let you know how you should feel (or not feel) when you sing.What I say with regards to techniques in the course will be exactly the same as how I would say it if we have lessons face to face.
  • Unravel your burning questions instantly – In other words, anytime you feel confused while practicing in your own time, you may easily refer back to that particular module and hear me explain to you INSTANTLY. You don’t have to wait 1 or 2 weeks before you next see me face to face for a lesson.This course also comes with a Troubleshoot Manual that will help you zoom in on the singing obstacles that you face for any song.
  • Value for money – I can’t stress this enough. Typically people shell out $80 – $120/hour to have 1 to 1 lesson for a professional and experienced vocal teacher. 

The average student who masters singing takes weekly lessons for at least 2 years.

If you do the maths, that’s easily $8,320 – $12,480 of fees in 2 years.

With an online course, you get all there is to learn using a very small fraction of the above mentioned fees. It is super value for money to jump into the world of proven singing techniques and experience guided instructions using an online course.

Heck, you can even learn together as a family, or as a couple… at the same fee!

  • Lifetime access – Have you taken singing lessons a few years before and can’t remember what you actually learnt? (This is more common than you think) With this online course, you get LIFETIME ACCESS.

    It doesn’t matter if you go for a 3-week vacation, or have to take a hiatus from singing lessons due to work or personal issues. This course is waiting for you right here – at the same fee that you had already paid for.

  • Easy access to quality teaching – You live too far away from a good vocal teacher that brings RESULTS. Self-praise is usually not recommended in the Asian culture but I will use my token this time round to say that I can easily bring about a transformation to your singing voice within 1 hour of lesson (cue my students’ testimonials and #SingingTransformation videos on YouTube)

Which corner of the Universe I live in shouldn’t be a reason for you not to hear a transformation to your singing… fast.
or the love of singing, please stop wasting time.

In short – 
the Singing Transformation Course allows you to save money in the long-run, have the flexibility to learn as and when you want to (even when life gets in the way), and still produce results for you.

Who Is This Course For?

This kick-ass course is for:

  • You, if you have a desire to sing better (without wasting more time than you already have)
  • Beginner students who have no clue what singing really is about and are looking to have fundamentally sound techniques that can allow them to sing across genres (Top40s, Jazz, R&B, Musicals, Rock etc)
  • Students who have previously taken singing lessons (or still are) and want to have a breakthrough in their singing (there is a reason why you are still having singing obstacles).
  • Anyone who wants to take singing lessons but just cannot commit to a regular schedule (think self-employed, busy working mums, or if you travel too much for work, etc)
  • Anyone who has watched too much YouTube singing tutorials but come off more confused than ever, not knowing if you are singing the right or wrong way..

9.5 out of 10 students who had previously taken singing lessons
and came to me thereafter
realise that they had not learnt 99% of what I normally teach

(This is not even an exaggeration, and I’m upset at this statistics)

What is in the Singing Transformation Course?

The Singing Transformation Course IS the shortcut. It gives you:

  • 7 Modules of deep insights on how you can hear a difference to your singing and bring you to greater heights (expand your vocal range, overcome vocal cracks, sing more powerfully, and belt, etc)
  • Step By Step Classical Singing Techniques That Still Gives You A Sound for Pop Songs I was trained under this awesome system. Before you say ‘Ew’ at the word ‘classical’, I have to highlight that the fundamentals of good singing come from classical singing (well classical singing is the ancestor of pop singing we hear today).  There are only very minor tweaks to give you a stylish pop sound (surprise surprise!).

These techniques and understanding of their workings have transformed my students’ singing from all over the world, regardless of their mother tongues, or languages that they sing in.

  • Proven techniques that work for Top40s, Classics, Jazz, Rock, Musicals, R&B repertoire etc.  

Why? Because the fundamentals of singing are universal. Human vocal tracks are the same.

Think of it as learning your ABCs but being shaped thereafter to write romance, horror, thrillers or non-fiction for your debut book. Master the correct techniques and sing anything you want under the sun.

  • Song demonstrations to train Independence

    We will go through songs to show the actual workings for these techniques for a deeper understanding, which is a priceless takeaway that will allow you the independence to tackle songs and overcome vocal challenges by yourself.

  • Singing Handbook to make sure the principles behind the techniques are anchored down for you in one place.
  • Music tracks for warming up and training – These are not just music tracks to warm up your body for singing, but also to train your muscles for vocal agility and stamina
  • 24/7 login (all digital and downloadable for the learning deliverables that you prefer). Anytime, anywhere. 

Module 1

Getting A Strong & Stable Power Station For Your Instrument

  • 5 Misconceptions About Breathing and Support For Singing
  • 3 Methods to help you EXPERIENCE deep breathing
  • 5 Methods to help you EXPERIENCE the illusive ‘support’
  • 6 Exercises to stop you from having breathy tones
  • 5 Song Examples with concrete steps to practice breathing for a song

Module 2

Our Body Is Our Singing Instrument

  • Why Body Posture is Important
  • The Importance of Hand Gestures In Singing
  • Anchoring
  • The Trick To Singing & Dancing

Module 3

The “Meat” of Singing – Acquire a Great Singing Tone & Pitching

  • 5 Methods To Lift Your Soft Palate
  • How To Open Your Mouth CORRECTLY
  • The Correct Tongue Placement (and more)
  • The Jaw
  • The Power of Consonants
  • Vocal Placement

Module 4

How To Sing High Notes (Without Strain)

  • 5 Misconceptions About Singing High Notes
  • 5 Must-Knows and Must-Dos when dealing with high notes
  • 5 Exercises to train singing of high notes
  • 5 Song Examples with concrete steps to apply the techniques that allow you to sing high notes with Freedom.

Module 5

How To Belt!


Everything you need to know about belting.

The one technique you cannot miss out if you want to sing Top40s hits because belting is often a necessary ingredient in the makeup of these songs (booohooo)


Or ‘yay’ if you know how to belt!



Module 6

Voice Types & How The Voice Works


Everything you need to know about voice types (find out which type you are).

Plus how to overcome the ‘vocal crack’ and get a good mixed voice (finally)







Module 7

The Secret Finishes

  • What Is Vibrato and How To Sing It?
  • How do I fade off my singing nicely?
  • How do I handle low and high notes efficiently?
  • What’s the difference between singing slow and fast songs?
  • How do I sing with more emotions?
  • How do I sing rap?
  • How do I sing runs?
  • etc


#1 Troubleshooting Manual

Most online singing courses are generic in nature and do not let you know what you need to do (or not to do!) when you feel certain obstacles singing a song. This 7-page super value-packed  golden manual will be there to rescue you in times of need and save you tons of time from trial and error. Zoom it in!

#2 Exclusive Facebook Community

Join an exclusive Facebook community of like-minded fellows who are as passionate as you when it comes to singing. This journey is not supposed to be lonely, it’s supposed to be fun! Surround yourself with a group of people who are experiencing the same journey as you, share the same lingo, frustrations and joy, and keep you committed to the learning!
Join the tribe!

#3 Coaching With Me

You get online group coaching from me (with 1-1 time included) so that I can answer your burning questions and track your progress over 8 weeks.


Who likes to buy an online singing course that typically leaves you in the lurch? I will be there for you for 8 weeks to guide you and make sure that you’re on the right track.

“What you’ve taught me in 1 hour is more than
what I learnt from (another music school)
in the past 1 year


– Ezekiel Woo

Are you ready to hear a total transformation to how you will sing in 8 weeks’ time?

Well, I can’t wait.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Backed by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 
If you are for whatever reasons not satisfied with the course, ask for a full refund within 7 days. No questions asked.

Learn from a performing singer who has extensive teaching experiences
and can produce results for you


Please join the wait list and you will be notified the first moment the course opens for registration (+ VIP offers!).
The course is for 8 weeks of duration for the coaching component, and the syllabus is for your lifetime access. Plus it never quite ends; you’ll join our exclusive Facebook group where you can continue to post videos and get feedback for continued growth. How awesome is that?

I’m glad you asked. The group coaching will be through a platform that allows you to submit videos of your singing (songs of genres and languages of your choice) and I will give you a video feedback on how you can improve based on the techniques mentioned in the course. I understand that not everyone is comfortable letting others hear their singing, so you may opt to send the videos to me through a private thread, or send to the public thread for everyone to learn from. No judgement at all. Singing should be stress-free.

In the course, I will have both the negative and positive demonstrations for every technique, and most importantly, let you know how you should feel (or not feel) when you sing. What I say with regards to techniques in the course will be exactly the same as how I would say it if we have lessons face to face.

Through the coaching platform, you will be able to send through many videos of your singing, and I will be able to send you video feedback on how you can improve. The recordings will be downloadable for your repeated viewing and learning. 

I can’t speak on behalf of other singing courses, which typically leaves you to figure out if you are singing correctly after you have purchased the course. This Singing Transformation Course has a coaching component for 8 weeks, because as a vocal teacher for the past 15 years, I KNOW that singing is abstract compared to playing of other musical instruments, and you have to be guided, especially at the very beginning. After the 8 weeks of coaching has ended, you are welcome to drop your singing videos in our exclusive Facebook group and I’ll be happy to drop comments on how you can improve further!

Yes they do! We have seen many people jump onto the bandwagon of online singing lessons and courses due to Covid-19 and many have improved significantly from there. There is an initial resistance against this new way of learning, but people soon realise that they do not need to have face-to-face lessons to start hearing a difference to how they sing. One thing for sure is, they will definitely be better off than learning from apps or Youtube tutorials which do not give any feedback on whether they are singing correctly or not.

Good question! I love teaching and YouTube does allow me to reach out to more singers around the world. YouTube videos do work, but only to a certain extent. The most common grouse from my students is that they have no idea if they are singing correctly (or not), and the videos are usually not in sequence for realistic build-on learning. Many people may for example think that they are not able to get a mixed voice and try to do scales to ‘get it’, but they don’t realise that they should be looking at fixing fundamental techniques (and the mixed voice will develop). 

I was painfully shy as a young kid, and many of my friends cannot believe that I would be a singer today. This super sensitivity helps me tremendously as a vocal coach today because I am naturally attuned to making people feel as comfortable as I can when they sing.

In my > 15 years of experience as a singer and a vocal teacher, I’ve come to realise that singing is meant to express our souls, and singing should be stress-free (in fact people sing to relieve their stress!). I am very conscious about building an environment that lifts everybody up while making sure that constructive feedback is given for the improvements that you want. Everything will be about your progression towards singing more efficiently, with joy.

I’m personally very sure that this course would blow your mind and transform your singing voice. But if this is not what you are looking for, ask for a refund within 7 days (which would include a coaching session). No questions asked! 

Do you still want to wait out and hang on to your singing obstacles?

Let’s fix them, and start singing with more awareness now. 
Singing is supposed to be fun!!

Payment Plan

SGD$ 697 LifeTime
  • Lifetime access to course
  • Downloadable materials
  • Singing Troubleshooting Manual
  • Exclusive Facebook Group for continued growth after course
  • 8 Weeks of Online Coaching
  • 7 Days Money Back Guarantee

Payment Plan

(3 Months)
SGD$ 247 Monthly
  • Lifetime access to course
  • Downloadable materials​
  • Singing Troubleshooting Manual
  • Exclusive Facebook Group for continued growth after course​
  • 8 Weeks of Online Coaching
  • 7 Days Money Back Guarantee

Who Am I Again?

Hi I’m Bevlyn, a performing singer vocal coach, songwriter, music producer

I was trained with classical techniques to sing repertoires in Pop, Jazz, Rock, R&B, Musicals etc, and I sing in English, Mandarin, French, Japanese, Spanish, Korean and Bahasa Indonesian (and Mandarin dialect Hokkien). 

Since year 2002, I performed regularly for over a thousand weddings and corporate events, including representing Singapore at Hong Kong Pop-Asian Music Festival 2011, and at ASEAN Songs with the Bangkok Orchestra in 2014, and was selected to perform at the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) Gala Dinner for many countries’ ambassadors (including Hillary Clinton)

I also won the “Best Independent Album” award at  Singapore’s Entertainment Award 2009 for my debut EP album, and subsequently signed to a Japanese record label and released 3 audiophile albums in South-East Asia (including one of French jazz chansons). My originals and productions were also nominated for ‘Best Local Lyrics’ at Singapore Hits Award 2013 and for ‘Best Theme Song’ at the Asian Television Awards 2015.

With more than 15 years of teaching experiences for various genres, repertoire, languages to students of different nationalities (Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, America, Australia, The Philippines, Kazhakhstan, China etc), I can’t wait to work with you and make a difference to your singing!

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