The Singing Transformation Academy

About The Academy

The Academy is built in mind for any enthusiastic singer who would like to have effective channels of learning singing at one’s own pace and time. There will be courses and mini-courses on mastery of techniques, and teachings for individual songs. 


Hey there!
I’m a professional singer-songwriter and vocal coach who’s spent over 15 years helping thousands of people all over the world transform their singing.

With 20 years of singing experiences in album recordings, corporate & wedding events, in pubs,, I sing various genres including Top40s, Jazz, R&B, Classics, Musicals, Rock etc (in English, Mandarin, French, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, etc).

I believe in classical singing techniques to shape singing voices for popular music (and you’ll still have a ‘pop’ sound don’t worry!).

I believe in knowing your own body to have control over your singing voice.

There can seem to be a million ways to approach singing but I assure you that once you understand how singing truly should feel like, singing can begin to feel less terrifying, more exciting, and so much more fun (especially with those high notes!).

This site is for Online Courses and Lessons.
If you would like to take Individual or Group lessons with me, please click link below

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