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7 Techniques To Transform Your Singing (Webinar Playback)

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How To Sing “If I Ain’t Got You” (Alicia Keys)

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Hi I'm Bevlyn

... and it's my passion to transform the way you sing

This learning platform is designed in mind for the people of today. Being busy does not mean that you can’t pick up or hone a passion that you’ve been thinking about for some time.
Go through these lessons at your own pace.  Anyone with the correct guidance CAN SING!

It does not matter if you are total beginner in singing, or if you are somebody who has been singing for a few years. If you are still experiencing some challenges in singing, this learning platform is built in mind for YOU. 

With 20 years of experience as a professional singer, and 15 years as a vocal coach and producer in the music industry, I have plenty of insights to share with regards to singing techniques, tips for “live” performances and recordings.  

Students' Testimonials

" Bev is a great teacher! She breaks down the lesson into bite size fun facts in easy to relate manner. While I know it takes practice, I can already feel the difference after one lesson!"
" What you taught me in 1 hour is more than what I learnt from (another music school) "
Adam Lee

” I’m amazed at how much singing techniques I was taught in just an hour and how much my singing voice changed in that short period of time. Bevlyn is a really wonderful singing who is really generous in her teachings like she really wants you to sing well. She gives valuable comments and her teachings are also easy to understand “

I'm amaz
Toh Keaira
" I was mind blown that how much we can actually do with our voice. Bevlyn always has unique tricks to teach different individuals. I can feel my progress after every lesson. "
Bella Dai
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